The LinkedIn Guide for Construction Professionals

clock icon Published 03 Apr 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest career networking site, with over 500 million users. Many of these are blue/gray-collar workers and the companies that hire them - a simple search for “project manager” on the site turns up over 20,000 results in Australia. This abundance of users is why recruiters often turn to LinkedIn first when searching for new candidates. Being a member gives construction professionals the chance to connect with talent scouts, managers, and other professionals who can open the door to promising career opportunities. Read All

The Rail Construction Boom has Arrived

clock icon Published 03 Apr 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

When facing the need for transport improvements several years ago, the Australian government began planning investments in infrastructure. Most of the initial investments went toward road upgrades, with many rail projects set on the backburner. A number of those rail plans are now coming to fruition. Major projects are underway in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and this activity is bringing significant stimulus to the industry. A wealth of jobs are being created for Australia’s construction and engineering professionals, who will be needed to make these endeavours a success. Read All

8 Technology Trends that Will Dominate the Construction Industry in 2019

clock icon Published 01 Jan 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

Australia’s construction industry is experiencing a rapid pace of change. Within just the past few years, new technologies have become standard parts of the way construction professionals both plan and execute projects of all types. So what’s on the horizon for 2019? In this post, we take a look at the rising technologies that will become dominant within the upcoming year. Read All