The State of Australia’s Manufacturing Industry

clock icon Published 01 Jul 2019 / By Chris Howarth

Since the 1960s, Australia’s manufacturing sector had been in a state of decline and stagnation. However, the recent shift towards a high-tech society has created a manufacturing revival. Activity in manufacturing has risen at a startling pace throughout 2017 and 2018. This is because of a parallel increase in Australian civil engineering, commercial building, and residential construction projects. Manufacturing’s ability to provide advanced building materials and prefabricated construction components makes it a critical partner for the construction industry. Read All

Megacities and Australian Infrastructure

clock icon Published 11 Jun 2019 / By Jaisea Khaled

As the population of many nations continues to grow, top urban centres are becoming more densely inhabited. This spiked concentration has created megacities across the globe, and more are on their way. Australia will soon see megacities of its own: urban areas exceeding 10 million inhabitants. By the middle of the century, it is expected that the population of all Australia’s major cities will have doubled. Melbourne will be the first to reach megacity status at this point, while Sydney will be the country’s second-largest city, with about 8 million residents. Read All

The Bright Future for Australia’s Electricians

clock icon Published 24 May 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

The future looks bright for Australia’s electricians. Their skills are some of the most sought-after in the country, and they are also some of the nation’s best-paid workers. Between a lack of qualified professionals and a spike in demand from projects, the hiring landscape is highly favourable for electricians with proven ability. Below, we’ll examine these dynamics more closely and evaluate how they are improving electrical employment prospects. Read All

The Case for Creating New Cities

clock icon Published 22 Apr 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

Australia’s population is booming. The number of citizens is growing at a rapid pace, one never before seen in the country’s history. By 2046, it’s expected that the population will increase by as many as 11.8 million people. This rate of growth is akin to adding a new city (approximately the size of Canberra) each year. As such, it’s only natural that actually building new cities could be the best way to accommodate these numbers. Read All

A Deep Dive into the Western Sydney Deal

clock icon Published 10 Apr 2019 / By Gary Montgomery

In March 2018, the Australian and NSW Governments, along with a group of local governments, signed the Western Sydney City Deal. This massive initiative is now underway, and is due to maximise the city’s potential through strategic planning and investments. Major economic stimulus is expected, including a surge of new jobs. Read All