We offer our clients a full range of end-to-end (flexible and tailored) recruitment options to ensure you hire the best candidate to suit the needs of the business.


Temporary/Interim/Labour Hire/Contingent Workforce

We provide the labour you need – skills, qualifications/licences, cultural fit and ability – paid on either an hourly rate or daily rate authorised by a timesheet in which the hiring manager approves. Career contractors and interim assignments are a valuable hiring method to provide additional support and extra pair of hands to your existing team, to cover any skill gaps in your business or to provide value and experience in Projects or through periods of transformation or to backfill with BAU for internal secondments.  If, like many businesses, you have a “headcount freeze”, these are perfect solutions for you, your team and your business.

We currently manage weekly payroll for over 450+ contractors across Australia and we have a dedicated contractor payroll officer to support our candidates with their pay and the authorising managers with any support or queries.

At Core, we proactively build and manage robust talent pools of candidates across all geographical locations, systems, skills, experiences to allow us to provide you with a fast, effective and immediate solutions whilst delivering on quality, every time – whether is a one-off hire, seasonal peak needs, or bulk hiring for volume recruitment.


Fixed Term Contracts

A pro-rata employment method, with an end date on the agreed (fixed) period of time, paid via your own payroll during this period, essentially a “contract of service”.  Like-for-like in terms of value and reasoning, the only difference for you is the integration of the successful candidate into your own payroll.


Permanent Recruitment

A “contract of employment”, permanent employee.  Once the fee is paid you have full employment rights of your chosen candidate.

Finding the perfect permanent employee for you with a good mix of culture, team fit and experience to compliment your existing team, takes skill, precision and a unique approach.  Our approach is unique to you and your business, we take the time to understand and listen to YOU so we create the best approach for you to attract the best talent in the market. We consider ourselves as an external voice to promote your business in the market – as the majority of our network is built from referrals, recommendations and passive job seekers this allows us to engage with your next hire with ease.


Exec Search and Retained work

A dedicated and exclusive recruitment model where you have the undivided attention, ability and focus of our team until the role is successful filled. Core talent have credible and proven track record of placing many senior leadership and C-Suite professionals into a variety of organisations.  Core Talent understand the utter importance in having the correct leadership in any business to drive strategy, change and growth and we’ve enjoyed partnering with many clients (local and national) in appointing their critical hires.

In our experience the best candidates (your next hire) are often already in a job, they’re happy and are not actively looking for another move.  Appealing to this audience and convincing them they it’s time to move it a pretty tough job in itself – but we enjoy challenge and will leave no stone unturned until we have the right candidate for you.

We enjoy the term “search”.  Not only does this combine all of our Core values at once, as we’ve hired well and have a great team here, their persistent tenacity leaves no stone unturned to ensure you hire right!


Payroll Services

We understand and respect that your colleagues may, from time to time, refer to you their friends and ex-colleagues.  If you have pressure or restrictions within your headcount or budgets, we can payroll them for you.  As we have not been engaged in the sourcing, hunting or recruitment of said new hire, we offer a payroll only service to help you onboard top talent.  We have the systems, processes and insurances already in place to seamlessly integrate your candidates. Furthermore, they will get to benefit from our “candidate community aftercare”.

We have a dedicated payroll officer for all contractor related payroll queries, with systems and processes that have been established for over 9 years and are tightly and efficiently run for a smooth and easy weekly process.

We have all valid insurances and certificates to be able to supply all manners of type of staffing and recruitment across NSW, VIC and QLD.