Many organisations and employers were impacted in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, employers began exploring and implementing a number of innovative solutions to

navigate their business through unfamiliar territory.


Involuntary change / Organisational fight or flight

Employers transformed their operation in a matter of days and weeks, not having the luxury to plan, think and consider a well-planned change or transformation program - this meant that the traditional landscape for recruitment had to change too. 

We saw an [instant] initial pause as a reaction to the pandemic before employers began rolling out various operational changes.  Some business had to make the tough decision to reduce their workforce, some opted for a reduction on hours/days worked and others switched their hiring to a temporary, contract and interim model.

We found that the key to business continuity … was flexibility! One of the Core values we live by.

Core talent offered our clients a variety of flexible recruitment solutions to support them during the crisis to ensure business continuity.  We supporting clients through:

  •  Advice and trends what was happening in the market
  • Connecting our client community to share ideas and challenges
  • Share employee engagement strategies and signs to look for when morale is low
  • Flexible rates and working arrangements, supporting cashflow and budgets
  • Assistance and advice on interim and contract hire whilst going through periods of change
  • Inducting candidates remotely
  • Redeployment of colleagues affected by COVID-19
  • Remote onboarding


With virtual platforms dominating our way of work during 2020, we very much look forward to reconnecting and meeting with our candidates and clients (both existing and new) as restrictions ease and we all recover from the pandemic

Thank You!

Like many employers, Core Talent evolved and learned a lot about ourselves during 2020.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our network and client community for your ongoing support during this time and we look forward to being able to continually work with you in the future.